Real Madrid are in a spot they haven’t really seen for a long time. Their marquee signing — Kylian Mbappe — is now even closer to the inevitable move to the Spanish capital than he was a couple of months ago. Real Madrid have the finances, and with Lionel Messi shockingly in talks with PSG over a move this summer, a question can be asked: Should Real Madrid be more aggressive in their approach for Mbappe, or are they playing their cards right?

Real Madrid can keep doing what they’re doing and still sign Mbappe this season

Well, the answer is pretty simple. Real Madrid don’t need to be more aggressive in my opinion. We’ve seen that the club is simply obsessed with the Frenchman and that it’s working on bringing him to the Bernabeu. Moreover, Mbappe himself wants to leave the club, according to various reports.

Staying under the shadow of Lionel Messi isn’t necessarily something that Mbappe would want to do, especially when his dream move has a high chance of materializing, either this season or the next. Another thing, which isn’t really confirmed or denied, but is a little obvious, is that with Messi in the squad, PSG’s wage bill skyrockets. They already have huge contracts of Neymar Jr, Sergio Ramos, Mbappe, and Wijnaldum in their books, and adding a 35 million/year Messi contract into it will surely be a huge deal, even for a club as wealthy as PSG.

So, there’s always a possibility of them letting go of Mbappe so that the wage bill stays somewhat under the limit. Of course, there are rumors of PSG wanting to renew Mbappe’s contract but I just don’t see that happening at the moment.

PSG would (or, should) also consider that Mbappe can literally walk for free next season. Is it something that they want to see after already paying such high salaries to such top-level players? I don’t really think so.

I’m pretty sure that since they will probably have Messi, the blow that they’ll suffer from Mbappe’s departure will be neutralised, at least for the next two years. Getting around 100-150 million Euros for Mbappe now would help them in either investing money for future stars, or in signing a proven player that fills the void to an extent.

So, with all this said, why would Real Madrid need to be more aggressive? Why would they have to shift up a gear for something that might not even require it? PSG may realise that it’s the best option for them to sell Mbappe, without forcing Real Madrid’s hand.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Real Madrid can take their foot off the pedal, either. Waiting another season to get Mbappe for free runs the risk of the player changing his mind, even though it’s unlikely. The market automatically grows and expands for a player of Mbappe’s calibre if he doesn’t have a hefty transfer fee attached to him.

That’s a risk Real Madrid can’t afford to take, which is why they should try to keep pushing for the transfer, but that doesn’t necessarily need a more aggressive approach. Real Madrid should keep doing what they’re doing, and I’m sure that the work will pay off. It’s still not a guarantee that Mbappe arrives this year, but the chances of that happening are higher now than they were ever before.


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